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Meet the tools

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

I use a variety of tools to create my hand-carved bowls, check out some of the most common ones below!

The old saying goes that a craftswoman is only a good as her tools, and I'm very proud of my ever-expanding collection! Pictured here are some of my favorite tools, along with the pieces I made with them.

The smaller set of chisels is a woodblock carving set I brought back from my trip to Japan, and I love them! While I'm not using them to carve woodblock prints, I find that they make excellent detail cuts.

Pfeil Swiss Carving tools

Pfiel carving tools are my favorite, as they're top of the line and incredibly hard to beat. They're expensive, but so worth the cost. Manufactured in Switzerland, these tools are the leading standard for carving tools. When properly sharpened, they cut through wood like butter. I aim one day to own a full set, which will likely cost more than my car! Right now I only have a small collection, but I love each and every one. I use these tools every time I carve and am always expanding my collection.

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