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Updated: Mar 8, 2018

I'm currently working on converting my loft space into a home studio. Check out my progress!

As an emerging artist, I often find myself in need of studio space to work on my projects. I'm currently working on converting the loft in my apartment into a home studio.

My first problem to solve was the carpet. Carving requires sure footing, and glue ups can be messy. Carpet is not the ideal flooring for a studio space, so I needed to create a new floor. This was easy with my theatre background, as I simply built a small "stage" out of platforms to cover the carpet in my loft. I lined the bottom of the platforms with a paint tarp, so now I have a floor that I can create messes on without worry! Another perk to creating a modular wooden floor is now I have a space that I can drill into and rearrange whenever

Next up: Work benches

Now that I've completed the flooring, my next project is to build some workbenches! I'll be making two spaces for myself: one will be a metalsmithing bench that I can use to create my jewelry and other small mental designs. The other will be a fold-down carving bench that I plan to mount a vice on. This way I'll always have a space to carve and do some small-scale metalsmithing! My fold-down bench will also serve as a glue-up area. My thought is that I can make all my large cuts at the wood studio and work on smaller joinery and carvings at home. I'm very excited!

Stay tuned to see my progress!


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